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It is without hesitation that I recommend Joe Fish as Fitness Instructor for any organization looking for a skilled and compassionate fitness expert.  When Joe came to Briarwood he  literally needed no training. He quickly gained the approval and confidence of his class, comprised mostly of 80-something seniors. 
Joe is responsible for writing safe exercise programs and leading group exercise classes for both the Independent and Assisted Living residents. He instructs both the Independent and  Assisted Living residents on the safe use of equipment and makes sure that the equipment is in good working condition.
Joe has in-depth understanding of exercise and the functional training needs of older adults. All I can say is that the residents and staff think the world of Joe as a person, a skilled instructor, and a valued addition to our Fitness Staff. 
Anita Thomas
PR/Community Outreach Director
The Briarwood Community

Joe Fish has become a cornerstone of our exercise program here at Whitney Place Assisted Living Northborough. As a Senior Fitness Specialist, Joe has brought innovative and effective programs to our residents with proven results. Our residents look forward to Joe’s classes, often rearranging their schedules so as not to miss him.

 As the Community Relations Director for Whitney Place, I can honestly say that, when touring our campus, prospective residents are impressed with the quality of our exercise program.  Joe has raised the bar here, bringing fitness front and center. 

His programs have become a real selling point for us, and we’re awfully glad to have him!  
Jim Priest                                                                                                                                                                                                               Community Relations Director                                                                                                                                                        Whitney Place Assisted Living Residences  

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Joe Fish of Fish Fitness.
Joe has been leading fitness classes at Kateri Tekakwitha Senior Housing for several months.  In his current role at Kateri Tekakwitha, he is responsible for writing safe exercise programs and leading group exercise classes.  Joe has an in-depth understanding of exercise and the functional training needs of older adults.  His classes are engaging and fun, and well-attended.  Joe’s fitness classes are an asset to any elderly development and we are pleased to have him on our activity schedule. 
Virginia K. Given
Property Manager
Resident Service Coordinator
I am honored to write this letter on behalf of Joe Fish of J. Fish Fitness. Let me just get to the point… Joe Fish is FABULOUS! Hire him…he is a hit with the seniors and the staff!
Joe’s current role at the Worcester Senior Center is writing safe 1 hour exercise programs and leading group exercise classes. He instructs participants on balance and fall prevention. Joe has an in-depth understanding of exercise and the functional training needs of older adults
Joe Fish Fitness will be a welcome addition to your organizations exercise programs and will keep your seniors in tiptop shape!
Suki Lapin
Program Coordinator
Worcester Senior Center

I have been a client of Joe Fish for almost 2 years now. I am a 71 year old man with a strong desire to stay as fit as possible. Joe has been a tremendous help in this regard. He designs interesting work outs is ultra supportive yet will not let you get away with being lazy. I have seen my strength improve over the years and feel quite a bit superior physically to my colleagues of a similar age. You could not want for a more knowledgeable and compassionate trainer. I feel lucky to have him.
Dr. Robert Woodland

Joe Fish ? Where do I begin ? Joe has dialed in to my fitness needs through a thorough & thoughtful approach that incorporates attentive listening, and a carefully crafted program to improve my entire body dynamics. At 65, I haven't felt better to live life, in years and with Joe's engaged training, I even smile larger that ever. If you'very been talking about doing something to improve your strength and stamina, jump off the bar-co-lounger and call Joe. The people in your inner circle will notice the change in your body & spirit.
John Lawrence 

I have been attending Joe's classes for the past two years and he has made being healthy addictive! Not once has a class been the same and 50 minutes feels like 10 minutes unless of course we are doing burpees. Joe is legit and will not bring you into the latest exercise fad. Everything he does is based upon years of experience and activities that will not harm. Joe kicks ass!
Andy Cosgrove 

 Joe and I work one-on-one. I'm over 60 and appreciate the detailed workouts he prepares for me. He is encouraging, enthusiastic. Each week I learn more about "reading" my muscles. And, with each session, I'm able to focus more clearly on making the correct muscle groups work to their best potential. Fitness with a smile! ya gotta love it.
Ann McCrea 

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